Sharing is contagious caring, second day at QS2011 Amsterdam

Getting close to the end of the second and last day of QS2011 Amsterdam and it has been truly inspirational, extremely intense and a fantastic experience! Today’s highlights from 1/3 of the Stockholm jury:

  • The lunchtime ignite talks were AMAZING! Kees’ way of describing mirroring his twins’ QS experience, Jochen’s talk on how his 40 years-check-up changed his life, Nancy’s unexpectedly effective placebo pills, Steve’s fascinating story of the Barcelona asthma epidemic.
  • The constant intake of fantastic food.
  • The contagious sharing experience
  • The founding of QS Stockholm (Johanna and Martin, we ARE doing this, right?)
  • My choice of skipping breakout session 6 to gather my thoughts before the last session before we all break up from this magical meeting.


First day of QS Europe 2011 in Amsterdam

My first ever day at an unconference and the impressions have been numerous. I love the idea of having the focus of the meeting on the breaks between the presentations, since everybody knows that the really sparking ideas are born over a cup of coffee and some strange looking local speciality (in this case I would call it as the mandarine mousse for the win, or maybe the odd-looking fruit with thorns or spikes…).

Among the ideas/impressions I will take away from today are:

  • The AMAZING workshop on Personal Data Visualization, curated to perfection by the ultimate mix of design, art and data management in the trinity of the hosts.
  • The tweet: @martijnhulst: Nice quote: remember if you’re not paying for the product you are the product. #privacy #qs2011
  • The discussion on how to address data that could be percieved as negative for the person.
  • and of course all the amazing meetings with generous, amazingly passionate and fascinating people!