Anniversary by Social Media and Health 2.0

One year ago today I met a man. We have so much in common, we share the same values, we have similar dreams, we have common goals.

We met on Twitter, in fact, Twitter suggested me to follow him and his profile definitely caught my eye.

I sent him the first email one year ago today, I have kept it. He responded a few hours later and that was the beginning of our story. We were living in different countries then, me in Sweden and him in Holland. Last summer he moved to Sweden.

He is a doctor, a few… well, if you have to know, he is 8 years younger than me. But age doesn’t matter, does it?

We live 300 km apart, but thanks to social media we have a lot of contact.

My life has been enriched since I met him.

My life, as well as my daugther’s and my husband’s. Because Paul and his family have become very good friends to us. Paul and I are working together on different projects.

A patient and a doctor collaborating. On equal terms. Isn’t that what Health 2.0 is all about?

When a patient turns researcher

Thursday last I was invited to speak at the yearly conference for the association of Swedish physicians (, a 3-day event with literally thousands of visitors: doctors, nurses, etc. I was invited to speak on the topic of patient participation and specifically “What happens when a patient turns researcher on their own disease?”. I told my story, my theory of a translational process: from patient back to person (I will desribe it in more detail in a blog soon) and how I will start my PhD early next year.

Since I am a firm believer in learning as the purpose in life, In my mind, I am only doing the logical thing when I want to learn as much as I possibly can about one of the things that affects me most. I am stuck with this disease so I might just as well make myself useful and hope that what I do can help others.

I want to show the way

from researching patients to patients’ researchers!