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Patients organise and train doctors to provide better care, Riggare S, Unruh Kt, BMJ, 2015;351, link to article

Pdf file for downloading here: bmj.h6318.full.incl.supplement


Patients are doing it for themselves: A survey on disease-specific knowledge acquisition among people with Parkinson’s disease in Sweden, Riggare S, Höglund Pj, Hvitfeldt Forsberg H, Eftimovska E, Svenningsson P, Hägglund M, Health informatics journal 2017, link to article (open access)


Patient-driven N-of-1 in Parkinson’s Disease. Lessons Learned from a Placebo-controlled Study of the Effect of Nicotine on Dyskinesia. Riggare S, Unruh KT, Sturr J, Domingos J, Stamford JA, Svenningsson P, Hägglund M.
Methods of information in medicine. 2017 Oct 24;56(99):e123-e128, link to article (open access)


Riggare S, Hägglund M. Precision Medicine in Parkinson’s Disease – Exploring Patient-Initiated Self-Tracking. J Parkinsons Dis [Internet]. 2018;8(3):441–6, link to article (open access)

Riggare S. E-patients hold key to the future of healthcare. Bmj [Internet]. 2018;846(February):k846. Available from: