In your face PD!

We all know that excercise is good for us. We do. And those of us with PD know
that for us excercise is more than good, it is essential. Yes, I know, we know it, but we don’t always act upon it.

I spent my first 30 odd years actively avoiding every kind of physical excercise, and quite successfully so. In hindsight I can see several reasons, the most important being the severe resistance my PD symptoms gave me. I mastered avoiding PE classes in school and never sat foot in a gym. But one day found me better medicated and more
motivated and a very unfamiliar feeling filled me… I actually enjoyed excercise… I was shocked!

Let’s face it, the proof is overwhelming, EXCERCISE IS GOOD FOR US… There are numerous scientific articles to that effect, the most recent probably being: And excercise doesn’t have to be going to a crowded gym or running endless miles on a dusty road. For me, the most rewarding training is putting my sometimes failing body to good use around our country house, doing gardening or similar. I had not given it much thought though, until the other day, when I found myself hacking away at a pitiful excuse for a lawn that we were trying to turn into a patio. The plan was to take away a few inches and then fill it up
with gravel and top it off with a substantial number of reasonably flat large stones. Suddenly it dawned upon me that I was actually enjoying straining my body and found an unfamiliar pleasure in using tools designed centuries ago when gardening was more about surviving the winter than a pleasant pastime or
enjoyable hobby.

A few days later, I realised why I had enjoyed blistering my hands and working myself to a sweat. It has to do with fear, with love and fear. Because I will admit I fear PD. I fear what may come. I fear the unknown. But I have a choice. I can either let the fear paralyse me or I can use my fear to drive me to working against what I fear. And I feel love doing things that works against the things I fear. So from a former excercise-phobic and with every aching muscle I get from working out, I say:
In your face PD!

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