Very preliminary analysis after two days on new dose

Thank you Zalamanda and Marten, for your comments on my previous post. Of course, I agree with both of you, two days is far too short a time to expect any kind of significant results. Nevertheless, I did observe some potentially interesting findings in these two days.

The first graph shows the measurements i did on my very first day on the new dose. And the small change I did was that I now take my second dose of the day, a “type A” medication (see a previous post here) at 11 am instead of 11:30 am and have also added a “type C” medication, that hopefully will make this dose last longer and if I’m lucky, the dose will have effect until dose number 3 at 3 pm so I don’t have to take that earlier.

Interestingly enough, the measurements of the very first day on the new dose, indicates that the small shift in time for dose number 2 actually has an effect. Both my right and my left hand scores very high around 1 pm, pointing towards a distinct effect of the changed timing.

At first glance, the results from the second day (second graph) is less optimistic, there is no sign of the peak around 1 pm. However, the observant reader will notice that there are no measurements recorded between approximately 11 am and 3 pm (shame on me…), meaning that the function in my fingers might very well have peaked during that time without me having recorded it.

Mental note to self: Make sure to record frequently, especially between 11 am and 3 pm.

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