My mission is NOT to improve healthcare…

My mission is not to improve healthcare… no, it’s not a typo… keep reading…

And now that I have your attention, I will start over:

My mission is not to improve healthcare, however if I succeed in my mission, healthcare will be improved in the process.

In my experience, a period of frustration and hardship is often followed by insight and new levels of clarity. And the reward for the difficult times is the feeling of satisfaction, equal in strength to the sum of the frustration and luckily twice as positive as the other is negative.

My reward is seeing clearly that my mission is not to improve healthcare, but rather to use my experiences, knowledge and skills to help my fellow patients of all walks of life by giving them tools to strengthen themselves, thereby giving the individual the ability to improve his or her own healthcare meetings.

The sweet feeling of insights… and with insights come responsibility.

I am up for it, who wants to join me?



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