Årets medicinsvensk 2018 / Swede of the year in medicine 2018

Foto: Per Riggare

Jag utsågs av nyhetsmagasinet Fokus i januari 2019 till årets medicinsvensk 2018 med följande motivering: 

Att vara patient kan vara detsamma som att känna sig maktlös. Men så behöver det inte vara. Årets medicinsvensk är civilingenjör i kemi och doktorand i hälsoinformatik. Hon använder sin kunskap för att sätta makt i händerna på patienter, inklusive sig själv i sin roll som Parkinsondrabbad. Med hjälp av konkreta och praktiska metoder för att informera sig om och hantera sin hälsa utbildar hon “spetspatienter”, som inte blint lägger sitt öde i sjukvårdens händer.

Se artiklar:

Karolinska Institutet, LIME om nyheten (in Swedish)

Karolinska Institutet, LIME about the award (in English)

Sara Riggare appointed “Swede of the year in medicine” by Fokus Magazine!

Fokus Magazine’s award ‘Swede of the year 2018’ goes to a person who has distinguished him- or herself and contributed to making Sweden change for the better.

The motivation of the jury was announced at the prize ceremony held on January 30, 2019 in Stockholm:

“Being a patient can often mean feeling powerless. But it doesn’t have to. This year’s ‘Swede of the year in medicine’ holds a Master of science in chemical engineering and is a doctoral student in health informatics. She uses her knowledge to give patients power, including herself, as a Parkinson sufferer. Using concrete and practical methods to get informed about and manage her own health, she also educates ‘lead patients’. They, like her, don’t blindly put their fate into healthcare’s hands.”

“I am very happy and proud to have been given this award. To me it is a sign that the role of the patient is changing, which is very good”, says an overwhelmed Sara Riggare.

Sara Riggare, PhD student at Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME) at Karolinska Institutet, is an expert on her own illness. She believes that patients need to be more involved in their own treatment to improve their own healthcare experience.

“I would like to help other patients and equip them with the knowledge I did not have to start with but have acquired over time. I hope that my research can change things for me and for the rest of the world. That’s what I do every day and hope to be able to continue doing”, says Sara.

Warm congratulations to Sara for this great honor.


E-patient Dave’s blog post about the award (in English)

Dagens Medicin om nyheten (in Swedish)


  1. Sara! Så glädjande att ditt arbete och din forskning uppmärksammas på detta sätt! Stort grattis från mig och från Medisera! Får vi skriva en artikel om detta på vår hemsida? Varma hälsningar Rebecca Engelbert, verksamhetschef, Medisera

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