The PD challenge, day 3 – add an app or two

Hmmm… I have realized that the Wii balance exercise/monitoring doesn’t give me quite the information I need relating to fine movements and the Nintendo Wii is also difficult to bring to work.

So, I have decided to add some new tests: I found two apps on the app store that looks promising: FastFingers (a tapping test where you’re supposed to tap as many times as possible for 30 seconds) and ReactionTest (measuring your reaction time). I have taken the test series (FastFingers once for each hand and ReactionTime 5 times for each hand), making sure to attempt to performing the tests in the same way every time. I took the test late last night when I was running low on medication, once early this morning when I had just taken my first dose and once 30 minutes later. I have also registered a control: my darling husband. The results look interesting and can be found on the tab “Reaction and tapping” here. I will take the test once more now and then several times during the day. Watch this space!

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