Podcast: When Life Gives You Parkinson’s

Podcast hosted by Larry Gifford.

There is a magazine called Fokus. It’s like Sweden’s Time MagazineFokus’ 2018 Swede of the year in medicine was Sara Riggare. She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2003. 18-years after her first symptoms first appeared. Riggare, co-chair of the Patients Advocate Committee for WPC2019, is self-described as a Parkinson’s “im”-patient. A chemical engineer by trade, she returned to school and is a PhD candidate researching digital self-care for Parkinson’s. Riggare is a proponent of making use of the possibilities of technology and the World Wide Web to benefit individuals with Parkinson’s and empower them with knowledge. “From doing that,” Riggare says, “I learned to observe my body more consciously and I think I’m more attuned to how my body works and the medication effects it.”

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