Webinar: PMD Alliance: “Disrupting the System”

On April 23 2021 I participated in a webinar organised be PMD Alliance titled “Disrupting the System: How Patients are Changing Research & Healthcare wHolistic™”. The webinar was presented in this way: “I see my neurologist twice a year, about half an hour every time. That’s one hour per year in healthcare for my Parkinson’s disease. During…… Continue reading Webinar: PMD Alliance: “Disrupting the System”

Podcast: Never Delegate Understanding

Podcast hosted by Dr. Harlan Krumholz, cardiologist and researcher at Yale school of medicine. The series talks about ways that people can be more active in making health decisions and navigating the healthcare system. https://open.spotify.com/episode/0cb9bBLFc1k3O4dhpDW9Pw?si=Yr1aKAQNShCnw7OrG7dnGA

Ziek. De Podcast

I was a guest in two episodes of the Dutch podcast Ziek, hosted by Tamar Doorduin. I’m very glad that I was allowed to speak English and didn’t have to learn Dutch. Episode 6 – Sara Riggare: developing Parkinson’s as a teen (ENGLISH) Link to website. In this two-episode series we follow Swedish patient advocate Sara…… Continue reading Ziek. De Podcast

Podcast: When Life Gives You Parkinson’s

Podcast hosted by Larry Gifford. There is a magazine called Fokus. It’s like Sweden’s Time Magazine. Fokus’ 2018 Swede of the year in medicine was Sara Riggare. She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2003. 18-years after her first symptoms first appeared. Riggare, co-chair of the Patients Advocate Committee for WPC2019, is self-described as a Parkinson’s “im”-patient. A chemical…… Continue reading Podcast: When Life Gives You Parkinson’s

“Patients Doing It For Themselves” – BBC Radio 4

Very proud to be one of the people interviewed in this BBC Radio 4 program: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04grspl Would love to hear your thoughts!