“From Ideas to Health” – presentation from KI on 30th of May

On the 30th of May, my main PhD supervisor, professor Staffan Lindblad and I gave a joint presentation at the 10 year anniversary conference of Medical Management Center at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden. The title was “From Ideas to Health” and the presentation can be seen below (part 1 is first Staffan and then me,…… Continue reading “From Ideas to Health” – presentation from KI on 30th of May

Learning through observations

When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of 32, I was of course devastated. I had a nine-months-old baby at home and they tell me I have an incurable, neurodegenerative disease…? I felt like I was inside a black hole and thought I would never smile again. However, with a baby in the…… Continue reading Learning through observations

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What is the outcome of healthcare?

As a person living with a chronic disease, I am very grateful to healthcare. I would not be able to live my life like I want to and like I do, if it wasn’t for healthcare. I am completely dependent of my medications, in fact if it wasn’t for my white, red and pink pills,…… Continue reading What is the outcome of healthcare?

“Sociala forskare ger ny forskning” från Tidningen Curie 2012-05-22

              Sociala forskare ger ny forskning – Curie                                    

Health is about responsibility

Health is about responsibility. I am not sure of the situation in other countries, but in Sweden I get the feeling that people in general have given up their responsibility for their personal health. They expect someone else to be liable if their health fails them. Of course, there might be more or less reasonable…… Continue reading Health is about responsibility

Method description

To evaluate the effects of my medications, I use an app on my iPhone. I don’t have the tremor that most people (including myself) associate with Parkinson’s, but instead I have bradykinesia (slowness of movement) and rigidity with a bit of balance and gait problems, just to make it more interesting.   I did know…… Continue reading Method description

Very preliminary analysis after two days on new dose

Thank you Zalamanda and Marten, for your comments on my previous post. Of course, I agree with both of you, two days is far too short a time to expect any kind of significant results. Nevertheless, I did observe some potentially interesting findings in these two days. The first graph shows the measurements i did on my very…… Continue reading Very preliminary analysis after two days on new dose

Results after two days on my new dose

I have compiled the measurements during these last two days, see below. Compared with my base line measurements, they look very random and I will attempt some sort of analysis tomorrow.

New dose day 2

The first day on the tweaked dose went OK, no fantastic change, but I didn’t expect that either. Let me try explaining in some more detail, how the different Parkinson’s medication works. Remember the different types of Parkinson’s medication I mentioned yesterday? Let’s call the levo-dopa based medication type A. Further, let’s call the kind…… Continue reading New dose day 2

New dose day 1

These last few days have made me even more aware of how extremely dependent I am of my medications, and if you’re reading this and have Parkinson’s yourself, this is probably very much old news. For people who have not experienced this, I completely understand that this is difficult to understand. Let me quote an…… Continue reading New dose day 1