Results after two days on my new dose

I have compiled the measurements during these last two days, see below. Compared with my base line measurements, they look very random and I will attempt some sort of analysis tomorrow.

New dose day 2

The first day on the tweaked dose went OK, no fantastic change, but I didn’t expect that either. Let me try explaining in some more detail, how the different Parkinson’s medication works. Remember the different types of Parkinson’s medication I mentioned yesterday? Let’s call the levo-dopa based medication type A. Further, let’s call the kind…… Continue reading New dose day 2

New dose day 1

These last few days have made me even more aware of how extremely dependent I am of my medications, and if you’re reading this and have Parkinson’s yourself, this is probably very much old news. For people who have not experienced this, I completely understand that this is difficult to understand. Let me quote an…… Continue reading New dose day 1

I need a change, I really need a change

I have found myself really struggling for quite some time now. Struggling to move smoothly, struggling to stay positive, struggling to keep going. And I have realised that it is time to change things. I need to increase my medication. Of course it is a sign that my Parkinson is progressing and of course that insight…… Continue reading I need a change, I really need a change

PD Quantified Challenge – end of day 3

Results from my first day of evaluating myself can be found in the graph below and the next one shows my control (a.k.a. hubby). I found the patterns over time, especially in the finger tapping fascinating. If the results from the first day are anything to go by, the dose-response curve of my medication is…… Continue reading PD Quantified Challenge – end of day 3

The PD challenge, day 3 – add an app or two

Hmmm… I have realized that the Wii balance exercise/monitoring doesn’t give me quite the information I need relating to fine movements and the Nintendo Wii is also difficult to bring to work. So, I have decided to add some new tests: I found two apps on the app store that looks promising: FastFingers (a tapping…… Continue reading The PD challenge, day 3 – add an app or two

PD-Wii Fit Plus Challenge – day 2

Day 2 of my challenge and I realized that the registering of the results has to be altered slightly: I will register the Wii Fit Age and Centre of Gravity (COG) before and after the exercises I perform. The difference today was surprisingly large, check the table here. I would guess that the balance game…… Continue reading PD-Wii Fit Plus Challenge – day 2

My PD-Wii Fit Plus Challenge

Today I am starting a new project: My PD-Wii Fit Plus Challenge. The idea is to investigate if a few minutes on the Wii Balance Board in the morning can affect the impact PD (Parkinson’s Disease) has on my life. I will attempt to jump onto the balance board every morning and perform a body…… Continue reading My PD-Wii Fit Plus Challenge