What is a ‘spetspatient’?

Rapporten "Spetspatienter - en ny resurs för hälsa"

My non-Swedish speaking friends may have been wondering what I have been up to lately. And it’s a fair question, since I haven’t been blogging much in English for a while. For the last two years or so, I have been leading a project aiming to change the perception of patients, both among healthcare professionals…… Continue reading What is a ‘spetspatient’?

Årets medicinsvensk 2018 / Swede of the year in medicine 2018

Jag utsågs av nyhetsmagasinet Fokus i januari 2019 till årets medicinsvensk 2018 med följande motivering:  Att vara patient kan vara detsamma som att känna sig maktlös. Men så behöver det inte vara. Årets medicinsvensk är civilingenjör i kemi och doktorand i hälsoinformatik. Hon använder sin kunskap för att sätta makt i händerna på patienter, inklusive sig…… Continue reading Årets medicinsvensk 2018 / Swede of the year in medicine 2018

Walking revolutionised

My new friend Potemkin meets my old friend Shiva

Tuesday last week, I got myself a new friend. I have namned him Potemkin and you can see him in the photo here, being examined by another good friend of mine, Shiva the cat. We had no idea what a suitable name we gave him, he really is a “god of destruction”. Just come to…… Continue reading Walking revolutionised

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Ethics and PhD

Background A few days ago I had some disappointing news. I have been working on my PhD in the area of digital selfcare and self-tracking in Parkinson’s disease since 2012, which is probably starting to be a bit too long. I was therefore very happy to be able to submit my application to defend my…… Continue reading Ethics and PhD

A small round white pill

Every morning I have my phone alarm set to ring at 6 am. Every morning, weekday or weekend, workday or holiday, because at 6 am I take my first dose of medication. I take six different pills for my Parkinson’s disease, one to make up for not having a thyroid and one contraceptive. I prepare…… Continue reading A small round white pill

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The finest compliment I ever had

Today I learnt that Tom Isaacs, President and co-founder of the Cure Parkinson’s Trust died very suddenly and unexpectedly yesterday morning. Tom is (yes, he still is) one of the most well-known PwP (people with Parkinson’s) in the world and has contributed so much to the global PD community. The world has lost an amazing…… Continue reading The finest compliment I ever had

What is in a fall?

Before my Parkinson’s had evolved into the kind with “freezing-of-gait”, or FOG for short, that now is far more familiar than I would like, I had a very hard time to wrap my head around the phenomenon: “Why do they just stand there? Why don’t they just lift their feet and walk like they did…… Continue reading What is in a fall?

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From The White House to the red house

Last week was a week of contrasts for me. On Tuesday I left Stockholm for New York City and the purpose of my trip was to attend a workshop at The White House in Washington DC. The workshop was on a topic very close to my heart: engaging participants as partners in research and it…… Continue reading From The White House to the red house

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