Webinar: PMD Alliance: “Disrupting the System”

On April 23 2021 I participated in a webinar organised be PMD Alliance titled “Disrupting the System: How Patients are Changing Research & Healthcare wHolistic™”. The webinar was presented in this way:

“I see my neurologist twice a year, about half an hour every time. That’s one hour per year in healthcare for my Parkinson’s disease. During the same year I spend 8,765 hours in selfcare, applying my knowledge and experience together with what I get from my neurologist to manage a difficult condition as best I can, ” says Sara Riggare, who describes herself as a mother, engineer, PhD student, and optimistic realist living with Parkinson’s. Sara is passionate about empowering people with PD to take charge of their treatment and take ownership of the disease. Join us for a discussion co-hosted by neurologist Indu Subramanian, MD and author and PD advocate Ben Stecher, to learn what Sara is doing to disrupt healthcare and research models towards a more patient-centered approach.

link to video.

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