1. First I wondered “Why isn’t this the GIF??” but then I realized hooray, this can be paused! Thanks for the updated version. The “enhanced” lightning bolt gets in the way of reading the text – I liked it smaller – but it certainly gets attention 🙂

    Someday I’m hoping you can add narration audio, in your copious spare time! 🙂 Your distinctive voice is quite compelling, and would be terrific especially at the moment of realization: “WITHOUT SUFFICIENT RELIEF.” Then you realize – I’M ON MY OWN, and off we go: it’s time for *personal* science.

      1. You respond quickly!!

        I have additional thoughts but it’s probably too cluttery for a blog comment. If you dare, let’s set up a zoom for screen sharing so I can express myself visually and avoid wasting your time.

        Briefly, in a complex story graphic like this, it’s essential to guide the viewer/listener’s attention, which is non-trivial, but I have ideas from endless Powerpointing.

  2. I concur with Dave. Love the graphic. Kept searching fore the volume as 30 seconds of voice would really have hammered this home.

    Thank you for your continued investment in the PD experience…

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