How I became a researcher in personal science

I was recently asked a question that I hadn’t been asked before:

How to become a researcher in personal science?
Can you describe your process
from idea to completed doctor’s degree
in personal science?

I replied by making a list of some of the blog posts that I have written during my journey. I started in early 2010 and I got my PhD degree in March 2022. In those 12 years I have learnt a lot, and many of my learnings were things I didn’t know that I didn’t know. Below are the 20 blog posts I have chosen to represent that journey.

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Link number 1, from February of 2010:

Link number 2, from December 2010:

Link number 3, from April 2011:

Link number 4, from April 2011:

Link number 5, from September 2012:

Link number 6, from October 2012:

First time I wrote about my image with 8 765 blue dots and 1 red:

Link number 7, from October 2013:

Link number 8, from May 2014:

Link number 9, from October 2014:

Link number 10, from October 2015:

Link number 11, from January 2016:

Link number 12, from March 2016:

Link number 13, from August 2016:

Link number 14, from August 2017:

Link number 15, from September 2018:

Link number 16, from January 2019:

Link number 17, from July 2019:

Link number 18, from July 2020:

Link number 19, from November 2020:

Link number 20, from March 2022:

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