WPC2023: “To track or not to track”

In July I was in Barcelona to attend the 6th World Parkinson Congress or WPC. As expected, it was a few very intense days with many impressions and interactions. One of my commitments was to speak in a morning plenary session. It was the start of day 2 of the conference and there were people…… Continue reading WPC2023: “To track or not to track”

Quantified Self for Parkinson (at WPC 2016)

Kent Unruh: https://youtu.be/0MqinxVAYWU Jasmine Sturr, Full version: https://youtu.be/06mNUmSEn70 Excerpt: using nicotine vape for managing dyskinesias: https://youtu.be/ELu_Y9BWSfE  

From The White House to the red house

Last week was a week of contrasts for me. On Tuesday I left Stockholm for New York City and the purpose of my trip was to attend a workshop at The White House in Washington DC. The workshop was on a topic very close to my heart: engaging participants as partners in research and it…… Continue reading From The White House to the red house

Travels with Parky

This is an article I wrote for “On The Move”, the magazine of Parkinson’s Movement on my experiences when travelling to the World Parkinson Congress in Montreal earlier this year. In the magazine, the article had to be slightly edited to fit the space available, but this is the “uncut” version 🙂 .   When…… Continue reading Travels with Parky

Glasgow, city of hope and determination (WPC2010)

 By first glance, Glasgow might seem like just another city anywhere in the world, with its downtown glass-clad buildings and shopping area. By the way, how come the Swedish clothes brand that used to be considered really low quality and that no-one in my first grade class would be caught dead in is all over…… Continue reading Glasgow, city of hope and determination (WPC2010)

Travelling to WPC 2010

My journey to the World Parkinson’s Congress in Glasgow could definitely have had a better start. I was travelling with my PD mates: Annika and Lars and we had done the sensible thing when catching a ridiculously early flight: we stayed the night at the airport. How I wished that I also had been sensible…… Continue reading Travelling to WPC 2010